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A & AS Level Online Tutoring & Exam Help


learn-extra has a vast database of world-class A & AS Level online tutors. We help our students to be winning learners all the time.
A & AS Level curriculum prepares students for university. A level is a 2-year course whereas AS Level is a one year course. Students opt A & AS Level to get admitted at various popular universities all across the world including UK, Ireland, India, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, the Netherlands, South Africa and Germany

A & AS Level curriculum helps students in:

    • In-depth understanding of the subject
    • Out of the box thinking
    • Assessment of various source of information
    • Development of Logical thinking
    • Expanding language skillset particularly English
Our expert A &AS online tutors will provide assistance to students in various subjects including English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Economics and Accountancy. We have chosen our online tutors from internationally acclaimed universities. We understand the various requirements of students and process the study plan accordingly. Please select the subjects below to know more of our process.

Why choose A&AS Level online tutors from learn-extra?

  • World Class tutors at affordable prices. We care about the quality rather than unnecessary heavy charges.
  • Flexible schedules are fixed for students according to their convenience
  • Highly qualified tutors handpicked from top universities of international acclaim
  • There will be detailed reports on student performance and progress which will be discussed periodically with parents without any delay.
  • Students will receive individual attention from the tutors.
  • You can access all our previous study materials from our exclusive library section.
  • We used advanced technologies to cater to smooth one-one online tutoring. Our state of the art whiteboard provides live interaction facilities and can ask unlimited queries which will all be answered promptly.

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