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4 ways learn-extra makes learning interesting?


Who said learning is not exciting, or interesting? If you ever feel that learning is monotonous and boring, you should try learn-extra to change your attitude! Our expert online tutors handpicked from internationally acclaimed universities will make students’ learning process smooth and interesting.

Take classes at your convenience

When you join learn-extra, the best part is that you can choose your time for your sessions! Students have complete freedom and flexibility in selecting the online tutoring class. For the same reason, you don’t have to follow a particular time since you schedule your sessions according to your convenience.

Take your classes from anywhere

Students can choose whichever location they want when arranging an online tutoring session. The only requirements are a laptop with a good internet connection! That is one big advantage when you join learn-extra. You can learn from your home, or from your car while travelling or even during your holidays.

Choose from thousands of expert tutors

learn-extra has a vast database of qualified tutors from the world’s top universities. The tutors are selected after a rigorous interview process so as to provide top quality tutoring to our students. So talk to our academic managers and enrol with us today!

How to track student’s progress?


It is highly crucial to track a student’s progress while learning. Every student is unique and has a different style of learning. A truly talented teacher will easily identify the student’s weakness and strength and teach accordingly. Also, tracking a student’s progress will help you analyze your performance as well and make improvements accordingly. By means of collecting as well as analyzing data, online tutors can able to make out trends and assure that their students are receiving the most out of online tutoring experience.
learn-extra has one of the most effective tracking systems to analyze the student’s progress which has the following aspects:
  • Time Efficiency
  • Student Friendly
  • Regularly updated
  • Result Oriented
Some of the methods adopted to track a student’s progress include the following:

Asking Questions

This is one of the best ways to track your student’s progress. After tutoring a particular portion of a particular subject, ask questions, easy and tough ones so that to get an insight into the student’s knowledge and grasping level and to know whether he/she has listened to your class. Every tutor wants their session to be interesting as well as effective. Asking questions would help you to know where your student stands on that particular day. This also shows a hint of his/her future performance as well.

Taking Feedback from students

Recurrent feedbacks should be collected from your students after a week or at least a month. This shows how interested the particular subject is and how he/she rates the online tutor. Also, you can give your feedback to the student after each class. This will help the student to introspect and encourage to work harder.

Self Evaluation

You can ask your student to prepare a write up about how far he has progressed in a particular subject. Let them compare their progress with themselves by analyzing how they performed when they joined the program and compared to now. By this method, you will know if the student lacks confidence or is still worried about his performance.

How does online tutoring help students with learning disabilities?


Educating students is a rewarding experience. So is the case when it comes to educating students with learning disabilities. The only difference is, it’s challenging too. The traditional teaching methods might not be effective in teaching physically challenged students. You may want to adopt smarter learning techniques and strategies to make their learning process smoother. This is where online tutoring can be of help.

Online Tutoring – A relief for parents of disabled students

Online tutoring has a great advantage on disabled students when compared to usual classroom teaching methods. Reason being, the student can learn at his own comfort and convenience. Most of the physically challenged students show a tendency to shy away from the norms of classrooms and other students. When it comes to online tutoring, there is no such issue and they can learn at utmost freedom with a one-one session. Same time, online tutors are experts in developing interpersonal skills among students. Constant interaction and discussions would help them to be more confident. For developing interpersonal skills, online tutors also conduct group class including the particular student and give group assignments to do.
At learn-extra, we have a special section of online tutors who could cater to students who are physically challenged. Their expertise includes:
  • Create individualized lesson plans for the student
  • Academic support at all levels of studies, ranging from homework support to tests.
  • Monitors progress throughout the process.
Enrol with learn-extra today to improve your grades.

Four Most common mistake students do during exams


There are few common mistakes which students do during their examinations due to which, despite preparing well for exams, they lose marks and end up scoring low.

Let us look at few of such mistakes and understand how to correct them:

Arriving late for the examinations

Most of the students are very punctual on exam days. Though, there are some who exhibit the habit of being late almost for every occasion. This delay might mean that you may not be allowed to appear for the exam. Even in case you are permitted, your mind wouldn’t be calm enough to start writing your paper immediately. It is hence advisable that you should reach the exam hall well in advance so that you don’t miss out on those precious minutes.

Beginning your paper with the toughest question

Most of the students start their papers on hearing the bell. They don’t even glance through the whole question paper once. It means that they might start their paper with the toughest question first. It puts them under mental stress. This can cause a not-so-good impression over the examiner if the quality of the answer is not good.

Not just that, students also miss out on the time and realise later that they have very little time remaining for completing the rest of the paper. As the mind of the student is focused on the difficult question, he/she might find it tough to answer the questions which are easy.

Missing out crucial instructions

It is advisable to go through the whole question paper before you start writing. It gives you a crucial time for contemplating between difficult and easy questions. Students could also read significant instructions or notes provided. In case you missed those important instructions or notes, then you might end up answering much more questions than needed. It is better that you discuss with your online tutor on how to manage your time during examinations.

Not answering all questions

Some of the students scan their question paper first and then start with the easier questions leaving the difficult ones to be answered later.
Though, it might happen that they get stuck with some other difficult questions, leaving them with no time for returning to the questions which are yet to be answered.

learn-extra's Online Tutoring Process

learn-extra’s online tutoring procedure is built on the core features of Passion, Innovation, Dedication, Honesty, Loyalty and Integrity. The teacher and student interact live on a shared whiteboard and work together on the tutoring sessions which is designed entirely on the student’s requirements, time availability, his goals and aptitude. Our private tutors cater to the tutoring needs of students of all ages and ensure that skill-building along with academic support is delivered online.

How We Help The Students In Their Learning Process 

  1. Enquiry and Orientation – Academic Advising Students fill in the Inquiry form with tutoring requirement. Academic Co-ordinator assesses the details filled in and speaks to the student to make sure that we understand student-specific academic, assignment or homework help needs and goals for effective tutoring.
  2. Diagnostic Process Students are taken through Diagnostic assessment or pre-assessment before instruction, which focuses on the area of domain knowledge before beginning the tutoring. Lesson plans are designed according to the outcome of the diagnosis.
  3. Knowing the Tutor and Trial Session Students are taken through Diagnostic assessment or pre-assessment before instruction, which focuses on the area of domain knowledge before beginning the tutoring. Lesson plans are designed according to the outcome of the diagnosis.
  4. Class scheduling and charting Education Manager would Design tutoring chart, share it with the student and Education Manager, and posts it in the parental portal. Account Details of Student’s portal to students and that of a parental portal to parents are assigned.
  5. Progress Analysis
    1. Whats' today's learning? Developmental Assessment is given during the tutoring process. It is not just about tests and homework but an interactive process.
    2. The Results A comprehensive assessment is given in periodic intervals of instruction to measure the students understanding of a subject.
  6. Mentoring Session Our Education Managers are accountable for quality control reviews, to provide a support system, manage the performance of our tutors and students, assist to identify and prepare tutor resources, corrective action recommendations, guidance through difficult situations, follow-through of administrative support required, and general oversight of the team quality.
  7. Managing End Results Monthly meet is scheduled with parent, tutor and Education Manager. Student’s progress is analysed and corrective measures implemented.

Technology use in the online classroom

Online learning can be both challenging and exciting for students and instructors alike.
learn-extra proudly use the best in class Microsoft Teams to conduct virtual lectures, presentations, and even discussion groups in virtual classrooms.
Want an overview of how Microsoft Teams works? Check out this video!

How to join an online class meeting

You'll receive an email invitation to an online class meeting from your instructor or school administrator. To accept it, just click the green check-mark in the invitation.
There are several ways you can join your online class when it starts.
  • If you have Teams open, once your instructor begins the meeting, you'll see a pop-up notification at the bottom right corner of your screen announcing the start of the meeting. Select Join to join the meeting.
  • You can also go to your Teams calendar. All of your online meetings are listed there. To join a meeting, double-click the meeting, and then select Join in the upper right corner.
  • Right-click the meeting in your calendar and select Join online.
Depending on how the meeting has been set up, you might need to wait to be admitted to the online class. If so, you'll see a message letting you know that you're currently in the meeting lobby. Your instructor will admit you shortly.

Etiquette and tips for the best online class experience

Your instructor will likely send a set of guidelines and class rules to you before your first online class.
Here are a few common rules that will help your online class proceed smoothly.
  1. When you join the meeting, turn your video camera and microphone off unless your instructor has instructed you otherwise. To do this, click the microphone and video camera sliders so they are both set to off. You can always turn them on in the meeting if the instructor requests it.
  2. If your instructor does want you to turn your video camera on, blur your background. This creates the best learning experience for all of your peers. You won't have to worry about something behind you distracting another student or being potentially offensive. To blur your background, click the middle slider when you join your meeting. This will open a panel on the right side of the screen with several background options. Pick Blur to obscure details of everything behind you.
  3. Use the meeting chat to ask questions. Your instructor will likely have guidance for the best way to raise your hand, but a common way is to click the Chat icon in the meeting, then type Hand up or Raising hand. Then wait for the instructor to call on you.

How to participate in an online class

When you join your online class, you'll see several controls that will help you interact and participate with your instructor and other students (when allowed).
  • To use the online class chat, click the Chat icon.
  • You can type your message in the chat box, insert text or emoji, and send your message. Be sure to follow your instructor's rules for what types of messages are appropriate for your online class.

How to adjust your view in a meeting

Teams tries to anticipate what you’ll want to see in a meeting. When someone starts speaking, we show them. When someone shares content, we show that.
But when you'd rather see something else, there are a few ways to tell Teams.
  • Switch between people and content  When someone's sharing a presentation, you can switch between viewing the content and the people in the room by clicking on the video or PowerPoint presentation you're interested in.
  • Pin a video  Right-click a video within the meeting and select Pin. The video will be shown regardless of who's currently speaking. You can pin multiple videos or right-click any pinned video and select Unpin at any time.
  • Reframe a video  Teams may crop your video to better fit the screen. If you want to change this, right-click the video and select Fitto frame to view the entire video. To see a closer, cropped view, right-click the video and select Fillframe.

Online IB Chemistry tutoring

At any level, Chemistry is an interesting subject. Our IB chemistry tutoring needs students to apply their thoughts in envisaging reactions and molecular exchanges which are too tiny to see with the naked eye, apart from demonstrating mathematical knowledge. Our online IB Chemistry classes make students familiar with the Vocabulary lists – atoms, molecules, solutes, elements, reagents, moles and so on. So if students have a hard time to understand IB Chemistry course or want to brush up on their Chemistry knowledge, our IB chemistry tutoring would help by connecting with one of our brilliant Chemistry tutors who makes the learning instinctive and fun.

Benefits Of IB Chemistry Tutoring
  • Our online tutoring UK IB Chemistry is effective – personalized, one to one, anytime and anywhere learning
  • 24/7 tutoring, academic and technical support
  • Access to our learning resources and an opportunity to get tutored from world class Chemistry tutors with wealth of experience in online tutoring

Why Prefer IB Chemistry Tutoring From learn-extra

Tutorcomp’s IB chemistry tutoring classes are designed to enable students to master complex material that is a part of the standard level in an academic year. The topics covered in IB chemistry HL covers everything from subatomic particles to the tools of basic organic Chemistry, thermochemistry and laboratory study. The study of Chemistry includes an in-depth knowledge in understanding the innumerable concepts and a wide range of material. These concepts and processes are defined in various terms – molecular interactions, the reaction energetics, quantitative analytical methods, the overt observable result, and subatomic mechanisms, and are all individually vital to record the outcome while doing a study on Chemistry. Students enrolling in our IB chemistry HL tutoring find themselves going through an amazing learning experience by getting know a range of interesting concepts.
Familiar with the IB chemistry HL curriculum and exam strategy our tutors help students in every Chemistry tutoring need- be it to master an immediate content being covered in an ongoing course, preparing for future concepts, reviewing old content or prepare for the exams. Our private chemistry tutors build a set of lesson plans customized to student’s objectives. We at learn-extra, align the tutoring sessions with the right tutor based on a set criteria which would result in the most effective learning experience for the student. The criteria set are the academic strengths and interest of the students, their unique learning style, specific course requirement, and an inquiry into their study habits. The lesson plans, practice exercises, and tutoring strategies are designed by the tutor after evaluating the specific areas that the students feel it as most difficult to grasp. Our IB chemistry tutoring can be arranged in the way it works best for the students – personalized, one on one tutoring which would allow them to state the presentation requirement and the pace on which the delivery is done.
The students who opt for the tutoring program in higher level IB chemistry are mostly interested in pursuing University studies or connected fields. Our IB chemistry tutoring helps the students by developing their existing skills, prepare and make them proficient in college level and graduate level study.

Expert IB Tutors

Our highly qualified and experienced tutors in online education include University students, teachers, lecturers and other qualified professionals who have undergone extensive training and testing to ensure they meet the high standards we promise to deliver you. Qualified, Dependable, Trustable and flexible -our private chemistry tutors across the World, are here to make your IB chemistry learning easy and simple.

Learn More About The Topic: IB Chemistry Tutoring

An experimental science, Chemistry combines acquisition of practical and investigation skills along with the academic study. Termed often the central science which strengthens both the biological systems and the physical environment we live in, the study of Chemistry is often a criterion for much other higher education program in medicine, environmental science, and biological science.

Online IB Physics Tutoring

With many difficult concepts for students to grasp, physics seem to be an extremely abstract subject. Our online IB physics tutors are here to make the learning possible by linking matter, – the students are familiar with, to real world concepts.
Have difficulty in rearranging things and stuck up not knowing which one to apply in a given scenario?
Our private IB physics tutors are skilled at explaining the most difficult equations and concepts in an instinctive way through customized lesson plans and personalized teaching style, according to the student’s tutoring needs and learning preferences. With our IB test preparation online, lessons will be focused on the topic most relevant to the students. Our private physics tutors are familiar with the exam board of the school or University and ensure that students get the best possible guidance to get through with better grades. Our tutoring session begins with a one to one session between the tutor and student to discuss on what the student needs and together devise on a long terms strategy, to help them achieve it.

IB Physics Tutoring – Benefits To Students

  • Students can access our virtual classrooms anywhere, anytime
  • Students get to learn through classroom activities, Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments, worksheets and quizzes
  • Sharpen student inquiry with practical assignment connects scientific ideas with real-world applications
  • Student-centric tutoring – customizable

How We Work – Online IB Physics Tutoring

Our Academic Co-coordinator addresses the inquiry posted and administers a diagnostic test to ascertain the level of student’s subject knowledge. Based on the result of the pre-assessment test, a demo session is arranged with the apt tutor based on student’s suitability. Feedback sought from Parent and student on the demo session and regular tutoring calendar is charted based on student’s availability. Students go through a technical demo tutoring to get prepared for the online classes. Both student and parent get access codes for the student and parental portals respectively. Lessons are delivered on an audio enabled interactive shared whiteboard with voice chat, writing and learning tool options. Both student and tutor can upload files and images for academic, homework and assignment assistance. Students can upload the completed homework tasks for the tutor’s review and advice. All the sessions can be saved for future analysis and revision. Parent, tutor, and students participate in the weekly and monthly meeting scheduled by our Education Managers to discuss the progress of the learning session and corrective actions to be implemented.
We at learn-extra are committed to connecting students with top tutors, capable of providing an incredible learning experience. Our experienced Education Managers assign the right tutor after assessing student’s unique needs and learning style. Our elite group of tutors brings students a wealth of experience in their individual fields of academic know-how. Our IB physics tutors customize lessons and present materials and theories in an engaging and easy-to-understand way that keep students motivated and paves the way to academic success.

Why Choose learn-extra Online Tutoring

Quality of our Tutors
A team of more than 3000 highly qualified professionals with a great deal of experience in both learning and teaching will be supporting and guiding the students through the classes. Our private physics tutors with experience in teaching in several different countries around the globe, come from Top Universities across the World, including Oxford and Cambridge. Our Private IB tutors, analyses and determine with their teaching experience on the exact teaching methodology to be imparted, for the students to effectively benefit from the program. The physics concept to be taught are demonstrated in a visual manner via our virtual classroom to the students, by our friendly and personable demeanor IB physics tutors online.

Online IB Biology Tutoring

IB Biology tutoring aims at making difficult concepts, easy to grasp by connecting subject material to real-life concepts that students will be acquainted with. All our IB biology tutors online are qualified teachers and have a vast experience and expertise in online teaching. Our private biology tutors hold higher level qualifications in a field of Biology and have completed a successful number of online tutoring hours in the years of association with us.

Our Online IB Class Benefits

  • Assessment through Diagnostic test
  • Free 30 minutes demo session on the topic of student’s choice based on their convenience
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessment
  • Access to student and parental portal
  • 24/7 tutoring and technical support
  • Dedicated Education Manager to take the students through the learning process, smoothly
  • Customized lesson plans and worksheets according to student pace and level Sessions delivered through an interactive whiteboard with voice chat and audio enabled.
  • Images and lesson plan uploaded online for academic, homework and assignment help
  • Option to save the completed tutoring sessions for future revision
  • Weekly and monthly meeting with the tutor, student, and the Academic Managers to discuss the progress of the student and take corrective actions for improvement.

Why Prefer IB Biology Tutoring From learn-extra

  • As effective as face to face tutoring
  • Anywhere anytime learning as per students convenience – flexible hours
  • Through the shared whiteboard the tutoring becomes interactive – all the student needs is an internet connection with Mozilla/chrome browser and a webcam with headset
  • It’s safe – learning at convenient hours without the risk of commuting
  • Improved grades guaranteed
  • Homework help and assignment help
  • Students enjoy to learn through computers, it’s fun learning through online biology tutoring


Learn More About IB Biology

Biology is the study on investigating the living World at all levels by means of different methods and techniques. The word biology coined by German naturalist Gottfried Reinhold in 1802, on one end of the scale analyses the interaction that makes the entire ecosystems function and on the other end of the complex metabolic reactions and molecular construction of the cell. The first organism which appeared over 3 billion years ago on the planet has given way to the 8 million and all species alive now, which would have produced over 4 million species over the course of evolution. Some of them flourished for a period of time, became extinct to be replaced by new and better-adapted ones. Even after having gone through about five periods of mass extinction, there are more species alive on Earth today than ever before. We, humans, are not only living organisms ourselves but depend on other species for survival – threatened by some and co-existing with many. Biology is very much a young science and is progressing by every century.
There are variety of approaches to teach the subject IB Biology. Biology offers itself to an investigational approach by its very nature, and this is reflected throughout the Program. The order in which the topics are arranged is in not in a way it should be taught but left to the decision of the individual teachers to arrange in a way it goes with their situation. Optional subjects may be taught within the essential or the AHL material or as a separate unit.

CBSE Physics Online Tutoring


learn-extra’s personalized one-on-one online CBSE physics tuition makes it possible for students from all grades to obtain quality learning and improved grades, from the best tutors in the world. Our community of physics tutors includes scholars from top universities with a vast experience in the field of teaching, who are prepared to offer you help 24×7. Tutors create lesson plans on observing the student’s performance that concentrates on the weaker areas of the student. This way of tutoring has a proven record of academic success.


 Benefits Of Our CBSE Physics Online Tuition

learn-extra’s online physics tuition enables students to get undivided attention from the tutors, unlike the conventional tuitions. This makes it possible for students to focus better. Our CBSE physics tutors are well-versed with the subject so that students can seek help with any topics at any time according to their convenience. Moreover, apart from helping our students with their academic needs, our online tutors bestow upon them with skills to achieve their dreams and goals.

Our online physics tutors have the ability to raise the student’s thinking capability by challenging them with questions that boost their quantitative aptitude.

A detailed list of the grade-wise tuition support offered by our CBSE online physics tutors is given below.

CBSE physics tutors 8th grade

The physics chapters in the 8th grade are Force and Pressure, Friction, Sound, Stars and the Solar System, Light and Some Natural Phenomena. We have eminent CBSE physics tutors who can help you with all the topics at any time you choose. Our tutors have can make you fall in love with Physics and the amazing facts it has.

CBSE physics tutors 9th grade

Chapters that come under physics are Force and Newton’s laws, Gravitation and Motion. learn-extra’s online physics tutors have lesson plans that break down these chapters into easier terms, making these chapters seem simple and easy to understand.

CBSE physics tutors 10th

CBSE syllabus cover topics such as Electric Current, Ohm’s Law, Resistance, Magnetic Effects of Current, Fleming’s Left Hand Thumb Rule, and so on in the 10th grade. With the constant guidance of our CBSE online physics tutors, there is absolutely nothing that our students have to worry about. These tutors are so experienced that with their support, our students can face the board exams.

CBSE physics tutors 11th grade

Units and Measurements, Motion in a Straight Line, Motion in a Plane, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy, and Power, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Oscillations, and Waves are a few of the chapters that come under the CBSE physics syllabus. These topics appear difficult, but our CBSE physics tutors have the ability to break down these complex topics into simpler terms which can be easily comprehended by the students.

CBSE physics tutors 12th grade

CBSE syllabus in the 12th grade includes Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves, Optics, Dual Nature of Matter, Atoms & Nuclei, Electronic Devices, and Communication Systems. At learn-extra, our online CBSE physics tutors are capable of teaching students not only what’s in the textbooks, but make it a point to work out questions from previous year questions as well as HOTs questions.

CBSE Physics Online tutoring

Contact us right now for a free 30 minute Demo session for physics. In addition to this, learn-extra also provides online tutors for Chemistry, Biology, Maths, English and other CBSE high school subjects.

IGCSE Biology Online Tutoring

Our Online Biology tutoring aims to give students, knowledge and understanding of biological facts, concepts and principles and thereby develops their experimental skills. learn-extras IGCSE Biology online course will help you build on your interest of the study of living organisms and learn the significance of precise experimental work in scientific technique and reporting. Students will study the human body as well as the plant and animal kingdoms at every level from microscopic to larger forms. Through our IGCSE Biology online program, students will look at the features and range of living organisms, and at their structures and roles. Reproduction and inheritance will also be analyzed.

Benefits of IGCSE Online Tutoring

During our online Biology tutoring students will learn to form hypotheses. Biology is an essential course for students wishing to pursue a profession in science/ medicine or higher level study in natural sciences. Our online IGCSE Biology course will help students to:
This online course will enable students to:
  • learn-extra’s IGCSE Biology tutoring helps students Gain knowledge and understanding of biological details, ideas and principles
  • Our Biology IGCSE tutors assist students in Progress an appreciation of the implication of biological facts, ideas and principles and the skills required for their use in new and changing circumstances
  • learn-extra's IGCSE online tutoring Grows the importance of perfect experimental work to scientific method and reporting
  • Our IGCSE curriculum helps students form theories and plan experiments to check them
  • Our native Biology tutors prepare students to Evaluate, in terms of their biological knowledge and understanding, the benefits and drawbacks of scientific and technological developments, including those related to social, environmental and economic issues.
  • Our native Biology tutors prepare students with grade A to C, to follow courses leading to Level 3 AS and A level GCE Biology, Cambridge Pre-U Biology, IB Certificates in Biology or the Cambridge International AS and A level Biology

About Our Tutors

Not every academic professional is cut out to be a tutor – learn-extras team of IGCSE Biology tutors come with the right academic knowledge needed to teach students and the personal skills needed to connect with them. In short, our tutors are different.
Our World-class tutors from top Notch Universities across the World are passionate about working with students and helping them improve their educational experience. Our private Biology tutors are collaborative, working closely with parents and teachers to keep everyone informed about a student’s progress and needed support, apart from being consistent.

How We Work

  • 24/7, 365 days tutoring and technical support
  • Lesson delivered online through interactive whiteboard with audio and voice chat enables
  • Access to students and parental portal
  • Free 30 minutes demo session to understand the tutoring procedure
  • Training schedule charted as per students convenience
  • Personalized one on one tutoring, anywhere anytime
  • Customized lesson plans, worksheets and assessment based on students level and pace
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments to check on learning progress
  • Weekly and monthly meetings scheduled with parent, tutor and students to discuss on learning and tutoring outcome and initiate corrective measures for better grades
  • Images and files uploaded for academic, homework and assignment help
  • All the session saved for future revision

Online IB Science Tutoring

Online Science Tutoring for PYP, MYP Diploma Program
In the PYP, Science explores aspects of the natural World. Our online IB science tutoring encourages Inquisitiveness, Inquiring quality and ingenuity in students. Our IB science tutoring develops an understanding and know-how of the resources of a rapidly fluctuating technological and scientific society and utilisation of those resources intelligently.

Why Prefer learn-extra

Learning outcomes
  • Students will develop their reflection skills by assimilating their senses, to gather and record information, and use to identify simple patterns, discuss ideas and make predictions.
  • Students explore and examine the way objects and functions change over different time periods and know that variables and conditions would mark change.
Expert IB Science tutors
All of our IB science tutors have wealth of experience in both academia and the practical application. Our IB science tutoring is delivered by our World-class tutors from Top Universities across the World. Our Private science tutors come with extensive knowledge and experience in online tutoring and administer lesson plans according to the need, pace and level of the students. Our IB private science tutors are available 24/7 to help students with science lessons.

Online IB Science Tutoring PYP

In the PYP, Science explores aspects of the natural World. Our online IB science tutoring encourages Inquisitiveness, Inquiring quality and ingenuity in students. Our IB science tutoring develops an understanding and know-how of the resources of a rapidly fluctuating technological and scientific society and utilisation of those resources intelligently.
Our online IB PYP science classes enables students to:
  • Develop observational skills and observe carefully to gather data
  • Understand and assess data gathered in order to draw inferences, test predictions
  • Use a range of instruments and tools to measure data accurately and use scientific vocabulary to explain the observations

Online IB Science Tutoring MYP

Our MYP, IB science tutoring aims at building on what has been learnt in PYP and that of the other programs of primary education. Our MYP IB Science tutoring guides students to individually and collaboratively explore issues through experimentation, observation and research.
Our online IB science tutoring MYP enables students to:
  • Reflect, appreciate and understand non learning experiences and make knowledgeable choices
  • Advance sensitivity towards the living and non-living environments and start considering science as a human endeavour with limitations and varied benefits
  • Nurture flexible and inquiring minds to solve problems, construct explanations, judge arguments and Pose questions.

More About Nature Of Science And IB

Learning science is more than merely learning technical terminology.
IB’s shift to CBL – concept based learning – the nature of Science is a new initiative which supports subject knowledge and skills acquired through wider themes conceptualised. The importance of Key scientific issues like Science Understanding, objectivity and ethics are highlighted and this approach by bringing important ideas to the surface ensures a clear linking to learning.
IB Science offers students a choice of one option from four per subject.
  • Biology – Neurobiology and behavior, Biotechnology and bioinformatics, Ecology and conservation, Human Physiology
  • Chemistry – Materials, Biochemistry, Energy, Medicinal chemistry
  • Physics – Relativity, Engineering physics, Imaging, Astrophysics

A and AS level Math Online Tutoring

Our A level Math tutors online helps students build on the skills acquired at Cambridge IGCSE (or equivalent) level. Once the challenge of GCSE is over, students get enrolled in our A level Math tutoring online program. learn-extra’s Math A and As level online tutoring can hold any student in good stead for the next step in their career path, some needing an additional level of support. At learn-extra we believe that education should be fun and dynamic. Our A level Math tutors online who are experts in their arena, hep students by identifying the areas where students are weak at and deliver tutoring sessions and worksheets to improve these areas, focusing on exam technique through the use of past papers and model answers.

 Benefits of learn-extra’s A & AS level online tutoring

  • A level math tutors online, progress students mathematical information and abilities in a way which inspires self-confidence and provides contentment and enjoyment
  • As level math tutoring progresses an understanding of mathematical principles and an appreciation of mathematics as a rational and intelligible subject
  • A2 level math helps in obtaining a range of mathematical skills, mainly those which will enable them to use applications of mathematics in the context of daily circumstances and of other subjects they may be studying
  • A level math lessons develop the capability to examine problems reasonably, know when and how a situation may be represented mathematically, recognise and understand pertinent factors and, where necessary, select a suitable mathematical method to solve the problem
  • Math online classes use mathematics as a means of communication with an emphasis on the use of a clear expression
  • Math online tutoring help students acquire the mathematical background necessary for further study in this or related subjects

 Why Choose A & As level Math tutoring from learn-extra

  • Our A level math tutors online bring in a deeper understanding of mathematical principles
  • A2 level math helps in the further development of mathematical skills including the use of applications of mathematics in the context of everyday situations and in other subjects that they may be studying
  • As level math brings in the ability to analyse problems rationally, identifying when and how a situation may be represented mathematically
  • Math A level tutor helps in the use of mathematics as a means of communication
  • Our private A level tutors build a solid foundation for further study.

 About Our Tutors

Our inspirational and experienced A level Math tutors online are available World-wide to teach math’s on a one-to-one basis to students at every level, from primary school to university.
Our A level Math tutors online are passionate about boosting your child’s education, encouraging them to understand and enjoy math, and enabling them to reach their full potential.

How it Works

  • One on one tutoring sessions with customized lesson plans
  • Tailored lesson plans, worksheets and assignments to suit students level and pace
  • 24/7 tutoring and technical support
  • Dedicate Education Managers and world-class tutors assigned to take care of the training schedule
  • Anywhere anytime learning
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessment to check on learning progress, are administered by our A level Math tutors online
  • Lesson delivered online through whiteboard with audio and voice chat enabled, images uploaded for homework, academic and assignment help

A & AS Level Biology Online Tutoring & Exam Help

Our A level Biology tutors online builds on the skills acquired at Cambridge IGCSE (or equivalent) level. Our online tutoring comprises the main theoretical ideas which are important to the subject, a unit on some present applications of biology, and a strong stress on advanced practical skills.

What we offer in our Online A & AS Level Biology Tutoring

  • Our A level Biology tutors online value learners who have a thorough understanding of key concepts in biology, in-depth knowledge of biology’s most important themes and strong practical skills.
  • learn-extras A2 level Biology develops lifelong skills of scientific enquiry, confidence in technology, and communication and teamwork skills.
  • Our AS level Biology tutoring encourages students to make links between topics and develop a deep overall understanding of the subject.
  • learn-extras private A level tutors come with a referred concept to help unite the subject and make sense of it. If mastered, students can use the concepts to solve problems or to understand inexperienced subject-related material.
  • Our A level and A2 level Biology tutoring are designed around 180 guided learning hours for Cambridge International AS Level, and around 360 guided learning hours for Cambridge International A Level. Thus may vary according to students need.

 How we help students to excel in A and As level Biology 

  • Our A level Biology tutors online provide, through well-designed studies of experimental and practical biological science
  • Help students become promising citizens in a technological world, with an informed interest in scientific matters
  • Guide students to recognize the usefulness, and limitations, of the scientific method and its application in other subjects
  • Private A level tutors enable students to suitably prepared for studies in biological science beyond Cambridge International A Level, in further or higher education, and for professional courses.
  • A level Biology tutors help students improve abilities and skills that are pertinent to the study and practice of biological science, are useful in daily life, inspire efficient and safe practice and encourage effective communication using worldwide scientific conventions.
  • Develop attitudes relevant to biological science
  • Stimulate interest in, and care for, the local and international environment and help learners to understand the need for preservation.
  • Encourage an awareness that scientific theories and methods have developed, and continue to develop.
  • A level Biology focuses on the study and practice of biology are affected and limited by social, economic, technological, ethical and cultural factors
  • Makes students understand that the applications of biological science may be both helpful and harmful to the individual, the community and the environment.
  • Teach students the use of information technology is important for communication, as an aid to experiments and as a tool for interpreting experimental and theoretical results.
  • Motivate students and generate continued interest in biology

About our Tutors

Our tutors much more than teachers, – they are motivators, mentors and confidence builders. Our world-class tutors from top Notch Universities across the world know how to challenge and inspire children and make them be achievers. Our tutors know how to create a personal connection between a child and a lesson. Students can choose from our tutor team of Native tutors from the UK for their Biology tutoring needs.

A & As level Chemistry Online Tutoring

Our A level chemistry tutors online builds on the skills acquired at Cambridge IGCSE (or equivalent) level. The program includes the main theoretic ideas which are important to the subject, a section on some present applications of chemistry, and a strong stress on progressive practical skills. Practical skills are measured in a listed practical examination. The emphasis throughout is on the understanding of concepts and the application of chemistry ideas in novel contexts as well as on the acquisition of knowledge. The course encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable to any future career path. Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry is ideal for learners who want to study chemistry or a wide variety of related subjects at university or to follow a career in science. Please note that the Scheme of Assessment has changed since 2005.

Benefits Of Our A Level (AS & A2) Online Tutoring

  • A2 level chemistry tutoring provides, through well-designed studies of experimental and practical chemistry, a valuable educational experience for all students
  • Our A level chemistry tutors online help students become confident citizens in a technological world, able to take or develop an informed interest in scientific matters
  • A Level chemistry, online tutoring recognises the effectiveness, and restrictions, of the scientific method and appreciate its applicability in other disciplines and in everyday life
  • Private A level tutors, enable students to be suitably prepared for employment and/or further studies beyond Cambridge International A Level in Chemistry.
  • Our chemistry classes develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and practice of science in daily life
  • Develop attitudes relevant to science
  • Stimulate interest in, and care for, the environment.
  • Create sustained interest in Chemistry

Our Tutor Team

Our tutor team comprises highly qualified and certified teachers. All our world-class tutors have highest ranking degrees from top-notch universities across the world. Our tutors cover everything—from homework and projects to studying and test prep, by casting a much-needed ‘human’ eye over the online learning process, filling in the gaps that are left by self-study alone. Besides their strong communication and interpersonal skills, what students like most about them is their patience and determination to help them do well.
  • Apart from the qualification, the passion for teaching and the experience counts.
  • Arduous training and certification process make our trainers fit to meet online tutoring skills.
  • Monitoring and recording each tutoring session for quality security control.
  • Retraining and recertification process according the feedback from students/parents/academic ensuring high-quality output.
We cater to tutoring enquiry for native tutors from UK – London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester; Africa, Austria and locations like London, Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester etc.

How It Works?

  • 24/7 tutoring and technical support
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments
  • Parental portal access to review outcome on assessments
  • Weekly and monthly meeting with tutor, parent and students to analyze learning curve
  • The session delivered on the whiteboard can be saved for future revision
  • Image and files uploaded for academic, homework and assignment help.

A & As level Physics Online Tutoring

Our A level physics tutors online, builds on the abilities learnt at Cambridge IGCSE (or equivalent) level. The program includes the main theoretical ideas which are important to the subject, a section on some current applications of physics, and a strong stress on advanced practical skills. Practical skills are assessed in a listed practical examination. learn-extra’s A and As level online tutoring benefits students in academic, homework, assignment and exam help, thereby guaranteeing grade improvement.

Benefits Of Our A Level – As And A2 – Online Tutoring

  • Our A level physics tutors online help Students to exhibit understanding of scientific concepts, theories, laws, facts, vocabulary, conventions, instruments, apparatus, terminology, phenomena, quantities and their determination, social, economic and environment changes by scientific application
  • Through our physics online classes,-Students are tutored to organise, locate, select and present information, translate from one to another, manipulate numerical data, use the information to draw inference, report trends, make predictions and put forward hypothetical analysis, apply knowledge to new situations, evaluate information, exhibit awareness of the limitation of physical theories
  • Our Private A level tutors enable students to plan trials and investigate; collect, measure, estimate and present observations; analyse and interpret data to deduce conclusions; evaluate method, quality of data and suggest improvements

Why Choose learn-extra

At learn-extra we take pride in recruiting experienced tutors with diverse experiences and skills. This is important so that we can ensure a good match with your student. Every student has unique interests, strengths and learning needs and so do our tutors. We encourage our tutors to participate in professional development opportunities and to share their best practices with us. At learn-extra everyone is always learning!. All our tutors are handpicked from elite Universities across the World through the rigorous recruitment process which includes, reference check, mock session, subject knowledge and subject demo live sessions. It is immensely rewarding to see the way out tutors make a difference in the lives of the students.
Our team of physics tutors across the world and native tutors cater to national, International and native tutor requirement of students.

How We Work – Online A Level Physics Classes

  • Free demo session to demonstrate our tutoring methodology
  • Dedicated academic manager and world-class tutor to suit the students level
  • Tutoring calendar charted as per students convenience
  • Access to students and parental portal
  • Lessons delivered through an audio and voice chat enabled patented whiteboard
  • Images and files uploaded for academic, homework and assignment help
  • 24/7 anywhere anytime learning
  • Customised lesson plan, worksheet and assignment help according to students need, pace and level
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessment to check on learning progress
  • Weekly and monthly meetings to assess learning curve

A and As Physics tutoring from learn-extra

Call us today for a free demo session. We will be happy to assist you for any of your A and As level physic online tutoring needs.

Online IB Math Tutoring

Our IB math tutoring has an online tutoring platform catering to students from outside the United Kingdom. learn-extra’s UK IB curriculum is backed by highly qualified and World class Tutors from Top Notch Universities across the World to teach subjects including Math, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Politics, French, Latin, Business Studies, and Psychology. At learn-extra we have experience and expertise private in tutors to teach and meet the challenges of tutoring International Baccalaureate curriculum

Our Tutors For International Baccalaureate Helps Students To:

  • Help with IB exam technique
  • Develop learning skills
  • Identify and maximize potential
  • Analyze and target problem areas
  • Build super confidence
Benefits Of Our Online IB Math Tutoring

Enrolling in our online IB math courses, students get the following benefits:
  • Advanced mathematical knowledge, Principles, and Concepts
  • Progress logical, critical and creative thinking
  • Engage and refine student abilities of abstraction and generalization.
  • Improved Math knowledge through personalized attention and better grades
Why Our Methods Works
Expert IB Math Tutors
Our highly experienced IB tutors from Top Notch Universities across the World are specialized in IB curriculum and equipped with the wealth of customized resource material for students use. Our IB mathematics online tutoring UK, backed by decades of experience in private tutoring and adorably effective methodology enables the students from anywhere in the World to enroll and experience the unique way of tutoring IB math programs. We cater to all subjects from Group 1 to Group 6 and every aspect of the IBDP curriculum. Our Internationally regarded IB Math Tutors and Math research scholar’s also helped students in their Internal Assessment, their Theory of Knowledge and EE. Our Meticulously handpicked IB Mathematics tutors have established track records in tutoring students online and bring the best of the highly acclaimed and reputable International Education system and the National Curriculum to students throughout the World.
Effective online tutoring
  • Effective Personalised one to one tutoring as effective as face to face tutoring
  • Very convenient, easily accessible lesson plans, from anywhere, anytime with 24/7 tutoring help and technical support
  • Our online tutoring Classes are offered according to students needs and place of choice – home, school, or University
  • It’s simple – All the student needs is a broadband connection with a Headphone, Speaker, optional pen tablet, and webcam. Software – Firefox or Chrome.

CBSE Science Online Tutoring

The CBSE/ICSE Science online tutoring program starts with 4 risk-free sessions (available only during the first two weeks We will charge your credit card only if you are happy after the first session. You can stop anytime before the fifth session (any time during the first two weeks) and you will be refunded all your money. There will be no questions or no issues.

This module includes:

  • Free initial Diagnostic Test with feedback
  • Practice Worksheets
  • Exposure to full-length tests
  • Scorecard and feedback after every test
  • Monthly parent conference with Education Managers
  • learn-extra free software

CBSE Chemistry Online Tutoring

Our CBSE chemistry online tuition is a mix of chemistry lecture notes, including charts and diagrams, that has been developed by our CBSE chemistry tutors, over the past several years for teaching chemistry. We have incorporated these notes in our lesson plans to provide chemistry help for CBSE high school and college chemistry students. These chemistry lecture notes include the entire curriculum that is normally covered in high school and higher secondary chemistry modules. Through Our CBSE chemistry online tuition, we are sure that students find these notes useful to learn and retain chemistry lessons and to develop a better understanding of general chemistry concepts. Our CBSE chemistry tuition classes will show students on how to solve problems step by step, that is likely part of any high school chemistry or higher secondary chemistry test or exam as well as on the SAT II Subject Test in Chemistry

Benefits to students

  • World class Chemistry tutors from elite universities across the world
  • Free 30 minutes demo session
  • Access to students and parental portal
  • Personalized one on one tutoring anywhere anytime
  • Customized lesson plans
  • Academic, homework and assignment help delivered through an interactive whiteboard with voice chat and audio enabled
  • Periodic assessments
  • Weekly and monthly meeting to check on the learning progress

Highlights of Our CBSE private tutors

  • Available 24/7 for academic support
  • Complete mastery of tutoring subject
  • Experience with web conference technology
  • Computer and web savvy
  • Knowledge and use of successful teaching strategies and techniques
  • Ability to incorporate technology into a tutoring session
  • Passion for teaching and learning
  • Successful tutoring experience supported by references
CBSE Chemistry tuition from learn-extra
Call us today for any of your CBSE online help, we are happy to serve for all your CBSE chemistry tutoring needs.

GCSE Chemistry Online Tutoring

learn-extra’s GCSE Chemistry tutoring is aimed at providing quality online tutoring for chemistry to students. Our expert tutors have specially designed Chemistry lessons that cater to the learning needs of students. The topics included in learn-extra’s online GCSE chemistry tutoring are Experimental Chemistry, particulate nature of matter, Formulae, Stoichiometry, and the mole concept, Electrolysis, Energy from Chemicals, Chemical reactions, Chemistry and uses of acids, bases & salts, the periodic table, metals, atmosphere and environment and Organic Chemistry.

Learn More about GCSE Chemistry

The topics included in learn-extra’s online GCSE Chemistry tutoring are
  • Methods of purification
Atoms, elements, and compounds
  • Atomic structure and the periodic table
  • Bonding the structure of matter
  • The mole concept
Electricity and Chemistry
Chemical Energetics
  • Energetics of a reaction
  • Production of energy
Chemical reactions
  • Rate of reaction
  • Reversible reactions
  • Redox
Acids, bases and salts
  • The characteristic properties of acids and bases
  • Types of oxides
  • Preparation of salts
  • Identification of ions and gases
The periodic table
  • Periodic trends
  • Group properties
  • Transition elements
  • Noble gases
  • Properties of metals
  • Reactivity series
  • Extraction and uses of metals
Air and Water
Organic Chemistry
  • Names of compounds
  • Fuels
  • Homologous series
  • Alkanes
  • Alkenes
  • Alcohols
  • Acids
  • Macromolecules

GCSE Physics Online Tutoring


The advantages of choosing learn-extra’s Online GCSE Tutoring are:

Affordable: learn-extra has the world’s cheapest tutoring fees without compromising on the quality. There are no hidden or extra charges.
Convenience: The classes are scheduled as per the convenience of the tutee.
Expert Physics Tutors: We have expert tutors from renowned universities around the world. The subject matter expertise of our Physics tutors helps the students to improve their knowledge.
Parent Portal: Our unique facility of Parent Portal service helps the parents to keep track of their child’s academic progress. Feedback and Remarks are shared by the tutor.
Individual Attention: We provide individual attention and care to our students which help them to build confidence and a positive attitude towards learning,
Technological Advancement: We have state of the art technology used in our tutoring sessions. Shared whiteboard and video lessons help the students to make Physics learning a fun game.

The Topics Included in learn-extra’s Key Stage 4 Physics Tutoring

General Physics
  • Length and time
  • Motion
  • Mass and weight
  • Density
  • Forces
  • Momentum
  • Energy, work, and power
  • Pressure
Thermal Physics
  • Simple kinetic molecular model of matter
  • Thermal properties and temperature
  • Thermal processes
Properties of waves, light, and sound
  • General wave properties
  • Light
  • Electromagnetic spectrum
  • Sound
  • Simple phenomena of magnetism
  • Electrical quantities
  • Electric circuits
  • Digital Electronics
  • Dangers of electricity
  • Electromagnetic effects
Atomic physics
  • The nuclear atom
  • Radioactivity

GCSE Biology Online Tutoring

Learning Biology is learning life. Whether it be human or animal life, learning Biology takes you to the mysteries of life in planet Earth. Students often require assistance in getting deep knowledge of the subject. The emphasis in GCSE Biology tutoring is the ability to understand and use biological information rather than on committing it all to your memory.
learn-extra helps the students to understand Biology in a wider perspective apart from the regular classroom learning. Our unique approach to GCSE Biology tutoring has made us one of the best online Biology tutoring firms in the world. We have online private tutors who cater to the needs of students from all parts of the world.

 What do We offer?

  • Coaching focus on improving GCSE biology exam grades.
  • Reviewing tough concepts from class
  • Homework & Assignments help on Biology
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment

 Why should you choose learn-extra’s Online GCSE Biology Tutoring?

1) Expert Biology Tutors
learn-extra has the reputation of delivering the best online tutoring services in the world. Our prompt and accurate tutoring has made us one of the best online tutoring facilities in the world. learn-extra’s online Biology tutors help the students to learn Biology in GCSE key Stage 4 with precision and accuracy. Tutors are selected based on their experience and high educational qualification. We have tutors who worked with the most renowned universities around the globe.
2) Unique features
  • Affordability: The main highlight of our services is the affordable pricing of our services for everyone. Charges are made as per the hour of classes attended by the students and there are no extra or hidden charges.
  • Parent Portal Facility: Parents have the unique opportunity to look after the daily progress of their children through our Parent Portal facility. Tutors share their remarks and feedbacks on the Parent Portal.
  • Individual Attention: Our students are given individual attention for better results.
  • Homework/Assignment/Revision Help: Our tutors help the students to do their daily homework and assignments which bring more confidence and deep knowledge of subject to the students.
  • New Age Technologies: We use the latest state of the art features for making the learning experience more interesting and convenient. Shared whiteboard gives real-time classroom ambience for the students. Video lessons can be accessed by the students anytime from our archives library.


Topics Covered 
The major topics included in Biology Key Stage 4 are:
  • Review of natural number arithmetic
  • Flowering Plants
  • Human Physiology
  • Genetics and Heredity
  • Organisms and Their Environment
  • Diversity of Organisms
  • Micro-organisms and humans
  • Ideas and Evidence
For more details, register for our Free Live Demo Session and experience the new dimension of online learning.

GCSE Maths Online Tutoring

The GCSE Mathematics curriculum is designed in such a way that the students get a deep, satisfying, coherent and worthwhile understanding of the subject. This helps the students to develop a positive attitude towards the subject and confidence in learning mathematics. has expert native math tutors who cater to the academic needs of the students. With the growing demand for online education, has designed GCSE Mathematics tutoring that doesn’t compromise on quality. The one-on-one online tutoring helps the students to experience a better learning experience than regular classroom learning. Students enrolling for online GCSE Maths tutoring with is assured with the best results in exams and for their future study in maths. With the help of graphical representations and interactive sessions, GCSE Maths tutoring makes it easy for the students to understand the subject in deep.

 Our Online Math Tutoring for GCSE Helps Students to:

  • Develop skills, fluent knowledge, and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts.
  • Apply mathematical techniques to solve problems.
  • Develop the foundation for mathematical techniques to for future study or research.
  • Improved grades
  • You can revisit a tutoring session at any time to revise the material covered with the tutor.

Why Prefer Online GCSE Maths Tutoring has become pioneers in online tutoring because of the excellence in tutoring services we provide. Our state of the art tutoring services helps the students to make learning a fun experience. offers learning-driven, assessment -based training to confirm that all students, no matter their level or requirements, get the individualized attention that they require for success.
Every student enrolling with’s GCSE Maths tutoring will be assigned the apt tutor based on the diagnosis test which helps us to understand the key areas of focus needed. Our Educational Managers keep an account of the academic performance of the student and feedbacks will be given to both parents and students. Parents have the facility of using a unique parental portal where all the academic details of the student will be shared. A free demo session is provided which helps to understand how we cater the academic needs of every student

Topics Covered are:

1. Number
  • Structure and Calculation
  • Measures and Accuracy
  • Fractions, Decimals, and percentages
2. Algebra
  • Notation, vocabulary, and manipulation
  • Solving equations and inequalities
  • Sequences
  • Graphs
3. Ratio, Proportion, and Rates of change
4. Geometry and Measures
  • Properties and Constructions
  • Vectors
  • Mensuration and Calculation
5. Probability
6. Statistics

CBSE Biology Online Tutoring

Biology is a science with a vast vocabulary and students are sometimes expected to gain a considerable amount of the subject knowledge in a relatively short time. To cope with such pressures and to ensure a good outcome, specialized attention is required. This is where learn-extra’s online biology tutors step in and help.CBSE Biology online tuition from learn-extra has tools like the whiteboard with which our biology online tutors will help you understand the subject well. We customize courses, especially complex ones such as those for biology, according to the student’s requirements. The one-on-one tutor arrangement ensures that the student gets complete attention.


We ensure better grades for your child within one month of tutoring with learn-extra. If you are not satisfied with learn-extra within the first 2 sessions, you can choose to discontinue without paying for the sessions.

Benefits To Students

Practical resources and interactive experiments are used in our online CBSE biology tuition to give the students quality education. Most up-to-date technologies are available for students that learn biology online in order to assist their progress and proficiency in the subject area. Topics include- cell biology, where lessons about cell structure and enzymes are offered, viruses and molecular biology. The lesson also covers photosynthesis processes, the role of the mitochondria, macromolecules and eukaryotic cells, genetics, ecology, evolution, and physiology.The CBSE biology tutors will help the student in every step of the way. They will make most of the sophisticated learning resources to implant confidence and comprehension. Our CBSE private Tutors can also harmonize the online science tuitions with regular school classes. They can even help with school homework and assist in test preparations. With the online biology tutors, students can be sure of the best possible results in the fastest possible time.

How We Work

  • Diagnostic test and Free 30 minutes demo session
  • Highly experienced online biology tutors with expertise in handling CBSE biology lessons
  • Customized lesson plans
  • 24/7 support and personalized tutoring
  •  Periodic assessment and evaluation meetings
CBSE Biology tuition from learn-extra
Call us today for your CBSE biology tutoring needs.

IGCSE Math Online Tutors

Our IGCSE Math tutoring help students by encouraging the development of mathematical knowledge as a key life skill, and as a basis for the more progressive study. The program aims to build learners’ confidence by helping them develop a feel for numbers, patterns, and relationships, and places a strong emphasis on cracking problems and presenting and interpreting results. Students also gain an understanding of how to connect and reason using mathematical theories.
Benefits of our IGCSE Online Math Tutoring
  • Our online IGCSE Maths tutors help students solve problems, present the results clearly, check and infer the results
  • learn-extras IGCSE Math tutoring Develops an understanding of mathematical principles in students
  • recognize when and how a situation may be denoted mathematically, identify and infer relevant factors and, where necessary, select a suitable mathematical method to solve the problem
  • develop an ability to apply mathematics in other subjects, particularly science and technology
Why Choose learn-extra for Online IGCSE Math Tutoring
  • Our online IGCSE Math tutors help students in the development of their mathematical knowledge
  • learn-extra's IGCSE Math tutoring builds confidence by developing a feel for numbers, patterns, and relationships
  • Our math IGCSE tutors train on the ability to consider and solve problems and present and interpret results
  • learn-extras IGCSE online tutoring teach communication and reason using mathematical concepts
  • Our IGCSE curriculum Math online tutoring builds a solid foundation for further study.

About our IGCSE tutors online

Our team of IGCSE Math tutors have undergone an intensive screening and interview process and assessed based on wide range criteria such as knowledge, skill, experience, education, aptitude for teaching, friendliness, personal presentation, and demeanour.
From qualified teachers to academics or research scholars, our tutors are selected on the basis of their experience in relation to the subjects that they teach. We focus on hiring tutors that have a firm grasp of the subject matter as well as acute knowledge of the syllabus requirements. Our team of IGCSE Math tutors comprises of Native tutors also.
Our tutors ensure that:
  • they will have time to discuss the issues with mathematics in detail with students
  • Students ask for help with whatever mathematical problems they face
  • they will work at the student's pace
  • lessons will be planned around one rather than a class of 30
  • Easily review material covered in previous lessons
  • Provide feedback and progress reports after every lesson
How We Work
Our IGCSE Math tutoring help students by:
  • 24/7, 365 days tutoring and technical support
  • Dedicated Education Manager and world-class tutor to match students level and pace
  • Personalized one on one tutoring anywhere, anytime
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments
  • Weekly and monthly meeting with the parent, tutor, and student to check on learning progress
  • Lesson plans, worksheet, and assignment to suit student level
  • Practice questions and examples taken from recommended texts and past year questions
Call us today for any of your IGCSE Math tutoring requirement. We will be happy to assist you with our free demo session.
Online IGCSE Math Tutoring from learn-extra


Valuation comprises two written papers:
  • For the Core exam: Paper 1: one hour and Paper 3: two hours
  • For the Extended exam: Paper 2: one hour and thirty minutes and Paper 4: two hours and thirty minutes

IGCSE Physics Tutoring & Homework Help

Physics is the most elementary and fundamental science and is very important to understand the world around us. Get help from our professional and expert online tutors. Physics is one of the important academic subjects, hence appropriate assistance is essential to understand the complete concept. Through our IGCSE physics online tutoring, students can gain suitable learning with the advantage of our physics online tutors who are available 24/7 and get in-depth knowledge on the subject.
Our Online IGCSE Physics Course enables students to:
  • Our online IGCSE physics tutors help students study about the fusing patterns and themes of physics
  • learn-extras IGCSE physics tutoring assists students to appreciate the practical nature of physics, developing experimental and investigative skills based on correct and safe techniques
  • Our physics IGCSE tutors help students appreciate the importance of precise investigational work and reporting scientific methods
  • Our private physics tutors support students to develop a logical approach to problem-solving in a wider setting

IGCSE Physics

Prior Learning – Students in England – Should have followed key stage 3 program Other students – should have achieved an equivalent level of general education
Syllabus – IGCSE Physics tutoring
  • General physics
  • Thermal physics
  • Properties of waves, including light and sound
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Atomic physics


Since the course is designed specifically to cover the above syllabus, students can be confident that they learn everything needed to obtain the best possible grade in the examination.
Assessment is by three written papers:
  • Paper 2: Multiple choice paper. 45 minutes (30% of total available marks),
  • Paper 4: Extended theory paper. 1 hour and 15 minutes (50%),
  • Paper 6: Alternative to Practical paper which will test your familiarity with practical procedures which you will learn during the course. 1 hour (20%).
Call us today for any of your IGCSE physics tutoring requirement – we are happy to assist your 24/7, 365 days.
About Our Tutors
At learn-extra we know that one of the most important components of student success is access to one-on-one teaching and instruction. More than that, a student needs the right tutor for their specific academic goals and struggles, personality, and learning style. At learn-extra we make sure we assign you the right tutors who don’t just have the right qualifications on paper, but have a passion for what they do and possess excellent people skills. Our online IGCSE physics tutors can build relationships with students and help them feel comfortable and cared for during sessions.
How We Work
  • Personalised one to one tutoring at your home at your convenience
  • Free 30 minutes demo session to understand the tutoring methodology
  • Tutoring schedule charted as per the convenience of the student
  • World-class tutors and dedicated academic managers to take care of tutoring sessions
  • Access to student and parent portal to review progress

IGCSE Chemistry Tutoring & Homework Help

The aim of our IGCSE chemistry tutoring is to develop a basic understanding of the emerging patterns and themes of chemistry. Our IGCSE Chemistry tutors help students with tailored online private tutoring. The course is designed to develop students’ knowledge of the principles of chemistry and their understanding of the basics, organic and physical chemistry and submission of chemistry in industry. learn-extra IGCSE classes aims to improve students’ academic grades through our expert personal online tutoring and support

Benefits of our IGCSE Chemistry Tutoring

  • Our online IGCSE chemistry tutors help students learn about the integrating designs and themes of chemistry
  • learn-extra’s IGCSE chemistry tutoring assists in learning about the practical nature of chemistry
  • Our Chemistry IGCSE tutors help to Progress experimental and analytical skills
  • learn-extra’s IGCSE online tutoring helps to advance a rational approach to problem-solving
  • Our IGCSE curriculum chemistry online tutoring recognizes the importance of chemistry and use of materials
  • learn-extra’s online chemistry tutors the UK assesses the benefits and disadvantages of real-life applications of science
  • Through our online IGCSE chemistry tutoring, students get prepared are for advanced course of studies in chemistry

Why Choose learn-extra

Our online IGCSE Chemistry Tutors are highly experienced in teaching the subject at a wide range of levels. Our IGCSE chemistry tutoring team is very familiar with the issues students face and are able to assist preparation for exams. Students get access to past papers, referral books, and linked websites at our page. Regular information and news for parents regarding tutoring are provided.
Studying Science is a brilliant investment which is definite to yield paybacks both in terms of academic satisfaction, as well as in the future when determining a great career.

About our tutors

Our online IGCSE chemistry tutors are energetic, enthusiastic and committed to the educational advancement of students. At learn-extra we have an extremely diverse range of tutors from different backgrounds across the world from Top Notch Universities, reflecting the cultural diversity of our enterprise. They are highly qualified and carefully handpicked to meet the high standards of the students.
Our private chemistry tutors are highly valued not only because they are incredibly talented but also because they love their craft and truly care for their students. Students can choose from our team of Native to better their grades.

How we work

  • 24/7, 365 days of tutoring and technical support
  • Free 30 minutes demo on the subject topic to understand the tutoring process
  • Dedicated academic managers and apt tutor assigned, and training schedule charted, based on students convenience
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments and outcome posted in parental portal
  • Session delivered online through audio and voice chat enabled whiteboard
  • Customized lesson plans, worksheets, and assignments based on students level and pace
  • Images and files uploaded for academic, homework and assignment help
  • Weekly and monthly meeting with parent, student, and tutor to check on learning progress, and score better grades
IGCSE online Chemistry tutoring from learn-extra
Call us today for any of your IGCSE online tutoring needs, we will be happy to assist your 24/7, 365 days.

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