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CBSE Chemistry Online Tutoring


Our CBSE chemistry online tuition is a mix of chemistry lecture notes, including charts and diagrams, that has been developed by our CBSE chemistry tutors, over the past several years for teaching chemistry. We have incorporated these notes in our lesson plans to provide chemistry help for CBSE high school and college chemistry students. These chemistry lecture notes include the entire curriculum that is normally covered in high school and higher secondary chemistry modules. Through Our CBSE chemistry online tuition, we are sure that students find these notes useful to learn and retain chemistry lessons and to develop a better understanding of general chemistry concepts. Our CBSE chemistry tuition classes will show students on how to solve problems step by step, that is likely part of any high school chemistry or higher secondary chemistry test or exam as well as on the SAT II Subject Test in Chemistry

Benefits to students

  • World class Chemistry tutors from elite universities across the world
  • Free 30 minutes demo session
  • Access to students and parental portal
  • Personalized one on one tutoring anywhere anytime
  • Customized lesson plans
  • Academic, homework and assignment help delivered through an interactive whiteboard with voice chat and audio enabled
  • Periodic assessments
  • Weekly and monthly meeting to check on the learning progress

Highlights of Our CBSE private tutors

  • Available 24/7 for academic support
  • Complete mastery of tutoring subject
  • Experience with web conference technology
  • Computer and web savvy
  • Knowledge and use of successful teaching strategies and techniques
  • Ability to incorporate technology into a tutoring session
  • Passion for teaching and learning
  • Successful tutoring experience supported by references
CBSE Chemistry tuition from learn-extra
Call us today for any of your CBSE online help, we are happy to serve for all your CBSE chemistry tutoring needs.

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