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IGCSE Chemistry Tutoring & Homework Help


The aim of our IGCSE chemistry tutoring is to develop a basic understanding of the emerging patterns and themes of chemistry. Our IGCSE Chemistry tutors help students with tailored online private tutoring. The course is designed to develop students’ knowledge of the principles of chemistry and their understanding of the basics, organic and physical chemistry and submission of chemistry in industry. learn-extra IGCSE classes aims to improve students’ academic grades through our expert personal online tutoring and support

Benefits of our IGCSE Chemistry Tutoring

  • Our online IGCSE chemistry tutors help students learn about the integrating designs and themes of chemistry
  • learn-extra’s IGCSE chemistry tutoring assists in learning about the practical nature of chemistry
  • Our Chemistry IGCSE tutors help to Progress experimental and analytical skills
  • learn-extra’s IGCSE online tutoring helps to advance a rational approach to problem-solving
  • Our IGCSE curriculum chemistry online tutoring recognizes the importance of chemistry and use of materials
  • learn-extra’s online chemistry tutors the UK assesses the benefits and disadvantages of real-life applications of science
  • Through our online IGCSE chemistry tutoring, students get prepared are for advanced course of studies in chemistry

Why Choose learn-extra

Our online IGCSE Chemistry Tutors are highly experienced in teaching the subject at a wide range of levels. Our IGCSE chemistry tutoring team is very familiar with the issues students face and are able to assist preparation for exams. Students get access to past papers, referral books, and linked websites at our page. Regular information and news for parents regarding tutoring are provided.
Studying Science is a brilliant investment which is definite to yield paybacks both in terms of academic satisfaction, as well as in the future when determining a great career.

About our tutors

Our online IGCSE chemistry tutors are energetic, enthusiastic and committed to the educational advancement of students. At learn-extra we have an extremely diverse range of tutors from different backgrounds across the world from Top Notch Universities, reflecting the cultural diversity of our enterprise. They are highly qualified and carefully handpicked to meet the high standards of the students.
Our private chemistry tutors are highly valued not only because they are incredibly talented but also because they love their craft and truly care for their students. Students can choose from our team of Native to better their grades.

How we work

  • 24/7, 365 days of tutoring and technical support
  • Free 30 minutes demo on the subject topic to understand the tutoring process
  • Dedicated academic managers and apt tutor assigned, and training schedule charted, based on students convenience
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments and outcome posted in parental portal
  • Session delivered online through audio and voice chat enabled whiteboard
  • Customized lesson plans, worksheets, and assignments based on students level and pace
  • Images and files uploaded for academic, homework and assignment help
  • Weekly and monthly meeting with parent, student, and tutor to check on learning progress, and score better grades
IGCSE online Chemistry tutoring from learn-extra
Call us today for any of your IGCSE online tutoring needs, we will be happy to assist your 24/7, 365 days.

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