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Online IB Biology Tutoring


IB Biology tutoring aims at making difficult concepts, easy to grasp by connecting subject material to real-life concepts that students will be acquainted with. All our IB biology tutors online are qualified teachers and have a vast experience and expertise in online teaching. Our private biology tutors hold higher level qualifications in a field of Biology and have completed a successful number of online tutoring hours in the years of association with us.

Our Online IB Class Benefits

  • Assessment through Diagnostic test
  • Free 30 minutes demo session on the topic of student’s choice based on their convenience
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessment
  • Access to student and parental portal
  • 24/7 tutoring and technical support
  • Dedicated Education Manager to take the students through the learning process, smoothly
  • Customized lesson plans and worksheets according to student pace and level Sessions delivered through an interactive whiteboard with voice chat and audio enabled.
  • Images and lesson plan uploaded online for academic, homework and assignment help
  • Option to save the completed tutoring sessions for future revision
  • Weekly and monthly meeting with the tutor, student, and the Academic Managers to discuss the progress of the student and take corrective actions for improvement.

Why Prefer IB Biology Tutoring From learn-extra

  • As effective as face to face tutoring
  • Anywhere anytime learning as per students convenience – flexible hours
  • Through the shared whiteboard the tutoring becomes interactive – all the student needs is an internet connection with Mozilla/chrome browser and a webcam with headset
  • It’s safe – learning at convenient hours without the risk of commuting
  • Improved grades guaranteed
  • Homework help and assignment help
  • Students enjoy to learn through computers, it’s fun learning through online biology tutoring


Learn More About IB Biology

Biology is the study on investigating the living World at all levels by means of different methods and techniques. The word biology coined by German naturalist Gottfried Reinhold in 1802, on one end of the scale analyses the interaction that makes the entire ecosystems function and on the other end of the complex metabolic reactions and molecular construction of the cell. The first organism which appeared over 3 billion years ago on the planet has given way to the 8 million and all species alive now, which would have produced over 4 million species over the course of evolution. Some of them flourished for a period of time, became extinct to be replaced by new and better-adapted ones. Even after having gone through about five periods of mass extinction, there are more species alive on Earth today than ever before. We, humans, are not only living organisms ourselves but depend on other species for survival – threatened by some and co-existing with many. Biology is very much a young science and is progressing by every century.
There are variety of approaches to teach the subject IB Biology. Biology offers itself to an investigational approach by its very nature, and this is reflected throughout the Program. The order in which the topics are arranged is in not in a way it should be taught but left to the decision of the individual teachers to arrange in a way it goes with their situation. Optional subjects may be taught within the essential or the AHL material or as a separate unit.

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